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Derek and Andrea

Derek and Andrea

As many stories go, ours began with an idea and a glass of red wine.  And a charcuterie board.  Oh the delicious, difficult to find charcuterie board!  The first weekend we spent together as a new couple was the beginning of our quest to find the ultimate snacking experience.  We shared creamy taleggio, salty prosciutto, and spicy 'Nduja on a toasted baguette in a quaint little Italian restaurant in the heart of midtown Atlanta.  But when we wanted to find a similar board to snack on from the comfort of home, we were left confused by the lack of acceptable options.  Surely there was someone who delivered charcuterie boards!!  Nope.  After another glass of wine, and then another... we decided to just make our own board; which was expensive and time consuming. 

Months later, the pandemic greatly affected my job as a real estate agent and Derek's job as a paramedic and CPR instructor.  We were stuck at home and, left to our own devices, devoured lots of charcuterie and wine!  Out of that abundance of time, the struggle of finding a company who delivered charcuterie boards made us realize there was a niche that could be filled and we were just the ones to do it!  The Gathering Board Co. was officially started and has had an enormous positive response from the very first day.

We're excited that you're a part of this journey and hope you enjoy your charcuterie board!

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2800 Holly Springs Pkwy Ste 100 
Holly Springs, GA  30115

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