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Our Focaccia Sandwich Platter is the perfect way to treat your guests to delicious, freshly made sandwiches. Our focaccia bread is made in house daily and is the perfect foundation for a variety of sandwich fillings. Our sandwiches are incredibly delicious and are sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Whether you’re hosting a party or looking for an easy catering solution, our Focaccia Sandwich Platter is the perfect choice.


*These are not available for pickup or delivery before 11:00 am without prior approval



- Delight in the fresh flavors of the garden with this vibrant Caprese sandwich. Juicy tomatoes, creamy fresh mozzarella, aromatic basil pesto, and fragrant fresh basil come together in perfect harmony to create a captivating and refreshing culinary experience. (vegetarian)


Olive Slab (not pictured)

- Enjoy the zesty flavors of this olive slab sandwich. Bold and tangy notes of olive tapenade, the charred sweetness of roasted red peppers, the crunch of greens, and the hint of sweetness from honey goat cheese, all come together to create a burst of flavors on a substantial slab of bread. (vegetarian)


Pressed Italian

- Brace yourself for a flavor-packed journey with this sandwich. Feel the heat of the spicy pepperoni, hot copacola, and soppressata, perfectly balanced by the richness of Genoa salami, the zing of banana peppers, and the creamy indulgence of provolone, all pressed to perfection. (this platter can be cut into 18, 24, or 32 mini sandwiches)


Prosciutto Picnic

- Experience a delightful symphony of flavors in this gourmet sandwich. Creamy Brie, thinly sliced prosciutto, vibrant arugula, and luscious fig jam come together to create a culinary masterpiece.


Spanish Fiesta (not pictured)

- Ignite your taste buds with this tantalizing creation, showcasing the smoky allure of chorizo, the creamy indulgence of Manchego, and the subtle heat of smoked chile ricotta, all enveloped in a soft, savory focaccia.



Each 9"x13" focaccia sandwich loaf can be cut into 18 or 24 portions and is served on a palm leaf platter, making for a stylish and sustainable presentation. Only one type of sandwich per platter at this time, we cannot mix and match.


*To ensure the highest quality, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to prepare your platter. If you need it sooner, please call the store directly.


Sandwich platters need to be picked up no earlier than 11:00 am (except Pressed Italian) as we make the bread fresh that day and need additional time to assemble the sandwiches. Please call if you need it earlier

Focaccia Sandwich Platter

PriceFrom $80.00
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